Imagine feeling confident, worthy and continuously showing up as your very best..

No more second guessing, feeling you don’t belong, or that you’re falling short of your potential…

Join Reveal & Rise

It’s your time to

The 6 month coaching program that supports you in building self connection, trust and confidence.

Get ready to reveal your missing puzzle pieces, understand the intelligent messages behind your emotions, learn life changing mindset tools, and grow rock solid self worth - all inside a community of open minded women who love seeing you RISE.


Are you sick and tired of…

  • Feeling powerless over your emotions?
  • Wanting to move on from the past but not knowing how?
  • Holding yourself back, hiding and playing small?
  • Seeing a pattern of behaviour that you desperately want to change?
  • Feeling indecisive or stuck when it comes to a life transition or future direction?
  • Finding yourself consumed by negative self talk and assuming the worst?
  • Actively trying one thing after another yet still feeling a puzzle piece is missing?

I know right now you are likely…

Wondering if change is possible for you

Sick of putting yourself last

Fed up with not getting results

Feeling there has to be a better way

I am here to provide a one-stop solution

so that you can finally understand your emotional pain and suffering

Here’s what’s really stopping you from
rising to your very best



Problem 1: You avoid simply “being” still

Most people believe this is counterproductive to achieving what they are after and that “busy-ness gets it done!” However to create meaningful and lasting change, you must create the space to stop “doing” and start “being”. 



Problem 2: You use other people and places to validate your self worth

Most people only know they are a worthy person (partner, daughter, friend, colleague, mother etc) when others around them are happy or pleased. This means that your worth is attached to “pleasing” others.



Problem 3: You haven’t truly decided that “what it will take” will be worthwhile

For most people, this happens outside of their conscious awareness. It can show up as second guessing, resistance, self sabotage or back tracking. You might even feel resentful that you “have to” do “what it takes”. The truth is that there are costs associated with any changes we make in our life - even the good ones.

Life does not have to be this complicated!

In fact, once you can realise these 3 simple things, everything begins to fall into place:

There is a way to use your pain and emotions as
intelligent messengers and learn what they are telling you. 

There is a way to create your own “normal”
of feeling happy and connected to the life you live

There is a way for you to sit in the driver's seat of your life,
respectfully speak your truth and ask for what you want 


Here’s what’s inside this life-changing program:

Coaching calls with Gemma - 2 options per week

Hosted via zoom across two time slots per week - that’s 8 opportunities for coaching per month!

Ask your questions, receive 1:1 coaching on your problem in a group setting, learn powerful lessons (that you may otherwise miss) by listening to others share.

7 module online course

Gain immediate access to module 1 and begin working at your own pace, revisiting each module as often as you like. These video and audio resources cover every tool you need to shift from stuck and overwhelmed to confident and unstoppable.

Downloadable workbooks and 'momentum exercises'

that guide you in not only learning, but also implementing your new skills

24/7 private COMMUNITY access

to a group of open minded women who are dedicated to growth and evolving themselves. Think weekly intention setting and celebrations of how you're elevating and winning. You can also ask your questions inside this supportive community.

Frequent guest speakers

across the key areas of life; relationships, health, career, purpose, money, and play!

Option to add private 1:1 coaching sessions with Gemma

at membership rates and with the flexibility to pick your own frequency (no minimum number of sessions)

The opportunity to build relationships that can last a life time!

Inside the 7 module course
you will acquire the life long skills to…

  • Switch your mindset for success
  • Show up personally responsible in your life and embody your personal power
  • Intimately understand your resistance and uncover exactly why you ‘know better’ but don’t ‘do better’
  • Grow self awareness for building self trust and respect
  • Practice emotional awareness to recognise, participate with and understand emotions and step out of any repetitive and undesired patterns
  • Uncover your values and set intentional outcomes in the 6 key areas of life so your vision is clear
  • Decode your own individual language and needs to thrive in life
  • Up level your communication including a heavy focus on setting and honouring boundaries
  • Understand relationship dynamics and how to create more of what works for you and feels wholeheartedly fulfilling

Plus these bonuses

Wheels rolling” starter pack

Get those wheels of change rolling before you even start module 1. Learn about the important role your subconscious mind plays in creating change, the core truths to embody, and be guided in setting your intentions for a transformative 6 months ahead.

Guided meditation audios

Connecting with your breath is the quickest way to regulate your nervous system, stress and overwhelm. These meditation audios guide you to states of calm, focus and joy. Intentionally recorded in different durations for adaptability and variety.

Here’s what my clients are saying …

Gemma, I can really tell that this is going to continue to be transformative for me. I have a new found confidence within myself. I am doing things that I would never thought I could do and I know I am going to keep on expanding. I feel worthy of living a life that I love and will continue healing and allowing myself to grow all the places I thought I never would!

- Jenna

I was at a point in my life where I was struggling with low self esteem, the lack of ability to appropriately express my feelings, debilitating insomnia and reduced energy. My anxiety levels were through the roof. Gemma showed compassion, enthusiasm and understanding. My confidence has grown exponentially. I've been able to approach situations more levelled head and have difficult conversations that I otherwise would have avoided. I now have a strong toolkit of strategies to support myself.

- Emily

My initial goal was to have someone help me with my everyday anxiety. What I found was so much more. I found Gemma to be extremely warm and relaxed. Gemma gave me the tools to clear my thoughts, process and release old emotions. Goals I once thought of as being unattainable and silly were starting to become part of my everyday life and routine. Most importantly I discovered self acceptance and love.

- Nicole

I wanted to let go of past trauma and to become more confident and certain in all areas of my life. Since working with Gemma, I now feel empowered as the driver of my future and I’ve shifted my mindset in such a positive way. I’ve let go of things that no longer serve me and become confident in knowing and owning what is right for me.

- Tamsyn

Thank you so much fo all your guidance, support and inspiration Gemma. I’m getting so much out of the sessions you’re offering - I guess I’ve received more helpful insights and tools from them than I have in 4 years of therapy. You’re brilliant and I’m very much looking forward to everything else you’re going to share with us

- Sarah

Hey Gemma, Just wanted to say thank you for everything and your continuous help! Yesterday’s session really gave me some clarity on my own outlook of myself and dealing with being overwhelmed. Can’t wait to use some of the tools you taught me yesterday!

- Izzy

Oh my goodness Gemma! Conversations over with and I started it by expressing my values and that they aren’t being currently met and then went on to explain what I wanted. Is this me? And I have now set the ball rolling! Agghh (in an excited voice)!!

- Nicola

G’day, I’m Gemma

And 7 years ago, I felt lost, overwhelmed and hopeless.

I remember experiencing intolerable anxiety and even blacking out from panic attacks - sometimes while driving to work.

I was feeling stuck in the depths of depression and I eventually experienced extreme Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; unable to work, cook myself a meal, or even leave the house.

I’d worked with more than 18 different health care practitioners yet still hadn’t found the answer.

But then, I realised that my mindset and view of the world was at the root of all my problems.

I realised that I had to stop looking for the “quick fix” or “magic pill” to get my problems “out of the way”.

I had to take ownership of my own life and realise that I was the only one in charge of me and I was the only one in charge of creating my results.

And that because I was feeling lost, overwhelmed and hopeless, I was going to need practical tools and guidance to do so.

And I realised that it all came down to the limiting belief system I was creating my life from.

And as soon as I fixed the limiting belief system, I was able to rise into the life I so deeply desired.

Just imagine what it will be like when you have rewarding and high quality relationships in your daily life

Can you see it now? Waking up feeling energised and excited for the day ahead, making those dreaded and empty days seem like a thing of the past

You could gain clarity to your true purpose just as soon as you make this decision to do this for yourself today

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Okay you’ve made it this far, so let’s get clear… Reveal & Rise is for you if:

  • You’re willing to hold space for yourself and feel vulnerable so that you can come out the other side more aligned and content than ever before
  • You desire to put yourself first and you know that in doing so, everyone in your life will receive an elevated version of you
  • You want to hand over your reasons and excuses - you’re sick of hearing yourself say them
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for your life and step into your power so that you can create what you want
  • You’re willing to get curious about your model of the world and open to new perspectives
  • You know the incredible energy that comes from an authentic, supportive and values matched community, and you want this on your side

Book your free application call now and have the conversation that could change your life once and for all