Learn practical tools to go from reacting out of triggers (“self sabotage”, people pleasing, emotional explosions, defensive communication)

to responding behaviours so that you understand your needs, deepen your relationships, set healthy boundaries and feel more inner calm, peace & confidence.


Designed for the woman who

  • Finds herself in the stress response of fight flight freeze or fawn mode when conflict or difficulty arises

  • Rarely feels like she’s making progress in the areas of life that matter to her the most

  • Uses numbing tools like scrolling on screens, avoiding bedtime, emotional eating, working excessive hours, retail therapy or gossiping

  • Worries a lot about how others might be perceiving or judging her

  • Feels like each day is a battle against herself (and her never ending “to do” list)

  • Has self talk that judges, shames and harshly critiques herself (and/or others)

  • Struggles to go with the flow. Needs to micro manage situations or have things go a certain way before she feels safe, in control and certain

  • Has tried surface level mindfulness tools (like yoga, meditation or positive affirmations) yet still feels overwhelmed, unhappy and stressed

  • Experiences states of overwhelm, fear, stress and anxiety more commonly than feeling calm, peaceful, confident and happy

And who also wants to

  • Shift from unconsciously reacting (fight, flight, freeze) to consciously responding (calm, peaceful, confident)

  • Prioritise real change in herself and her life

  • Feel confident in her ability to navigate painful emotions and understand why overwhelm, fear and anxiety is showing up

  • Know the patterns that sit beneath “self sabotage”, procrastination and resistance

  • Learn clear & straightforward rituals for sustainable nervous system care

  • Have communication and boundary setting scripts to deepen her relationships

  • Access empowering resources & a plan forwards for when she is feeling triggered, abandoned or misunderstood

  • Feel calm and peaceful within herself (and then carry that into her parenting and/or leadership roles)

  • Become comfortable with acknowledging and celebrating the brilliance, capabilities, intelligence and beauty that is within herself

Beautiful brilliant woman!


You can influence your emotional state


You can discover calm and relaxation within your body

You can show up happy, confident and self assured


This capability is within YOU my love


It always has been


You’ve just never been taught how to activate it 

Instead, you’ve been taught that painful emotions are bad


That feeling overwhelmed means you’re falling short


That fear is a sign of weakness, that you don’t have your sh*t together and you’re incapable


That anxiety means you’re too sensitive and there must be something wrong with you

That if you feel anything other than happiness, something needs to be “fixed”


That YOU need to be fixed, because you must be broken and not enough as you are

But here’s the truth my love..


Happiness, confidence and calm is available to all of us 


And that includes YOU


You are not a victim to your body


And you were not put here on this earth to suffer


You were put here to f*cking thrive
You were put here to feel confident and free in your body, mind and soul


And so whilst you’re awash with pain right now
You’re here because deep down


You know there must be more to life
You know it has to get better than this
That there ARE answers that will move you forwards, feeling capable 
And you’re ready to receive them - you’re beyond ready!


You can feel it, right!?


Forever practical tools to go from unconsciously reacting (fight, flight, freeze)
to consciously responding (calm, peaceful, confident) in your relationships and life


How It Works


Lifetime access to 



Easy to action workshops that teach you 7 life skills that you can immediately use to respond to overwhelm so that you spend less time feeling stuck, and more time living life fully.



Straightforward and proven practical steps forward so that you can take what you're learning and use it in your own life.  Think powerful journalling prompts, self sabotage solutions, productivity tools, boundary setting scripts - plus more!



Be guided by Gemma to release stuck emotions & energy, calm your nervous system, hear your intuition & inner answers, practice intuitive dance, & build self worth



Witness other women being lovingly coached on common mindset blocks so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Listen in to coaching advice you might not have even realised you need.



*Lifetime access is for as long as the course continues to exist. I have no plans to end this course.

Meet your coach 

I’m Gemma Hanley - Women’s Anxiety & Mindset Coach


I guide women to discover happiness, confidence and calm from within themselves 

My own 23 year journey of anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome was a gigantic part of my initiation into this work and why I am so passionate and skilled at what I do.

Rewind back to 2012 and I was blacking out from panic attacks, experiencing suicidal thoughts, and my body was hosting an enormous list of physical symptoms.  

By 2015, I could no longer work or cook myself a meal.  Sitting up in a wheelchair for 30 minutes was a good day.

The pain was too much - I was ready to pay myself loving attention.

I realised I was living life through a set of rules that meant I had to be perfect, please others and acquire status through work, money and material items.  That showing emotions or being vulnerable meant I was weak and unintelligent.

It became extremely clear this was not working out well for me!

Today I live life knowing that I am brilliant, capable, intelligent, beautiful and freaking amazing! I get to live life on my terms.

And it energises every cell in my body to lead other women just like you to do the same!!

The investment

AUD $349


I used to feel like things couldn’t get better for me 


That it would take too long and I’d left it too late 


That it felt too far away


And I know you’ve felt this too my love

From the overwhelmed women who have gone before you

This won’t work for you if

  • You want someone else to do the healing work for you

  • You want to keep living life in a way that is convenient, pleasing and impressive to others, but feels soul destroying to yourself

  • Your not ready to be honest with yourself about what needs to change

  • You want a quick fix or magic pill

  • You refuse to let yourself feel awkward and make mistakes as you learn new things

Frequently asked questions