14 days immersed in proven resources for calming intense emotions, relaxing your body, and finding happiness in your heart.


Beautiful brilliant woman!


You can influence your emotional state


You can discover calm and relaxation within your body

You can show up happy, confident and self assured


This capability is within YOU my love


It always has been


You’ve just never been taught how to activate it 

Instead, you’ve been taught that painful emotions are bad


That feeling overwhelmed means you’re falling short


That fear is a sign of weakness, that you don’t have your sh*t together and you’re incapable


That anxiety means you’re too sensitive and there must be something wrong with you

That if you feel anything other than happiness, something needs to be “fixed”


That YOU need to be fixed, because you must be broken and not enough as you are

But here’s the truth my love..


Happiness, confidence and calm is available to all of us 


And that includes YOU


You are not a victim to your body


And you were not put here on this earth to suffer


You were put here to f*cking thrive
You were put here to feel confident and free in your body, mind and soul


And so whilst you’re awash with pain right now
You’re here because deep down


You know there must be more to life
You know it has to get better than this
That there ARE answers that will move you forwards, feeling capable 
And you’re ready to receive them - you’re beyond ready!


You can feel it, right!?

is for you if you want to:


‣ Shift from unconsciously reacting (fight, flight, freeze) to consciously responding (calm, confident, certain)

‣ Unsubscribe from the daily battle against yourself and your body

‣ Let go of self judgement, shaming, abandoning and harsh self talk

Feel CONFIDENT in your ability to navigate painful emotions and trust your gut feeling

‣ Uncover the actual patterns beneath surface level habits of “self sabotage”

‣ Understand the perfect storm for overwhelm, fear & anxiety

‣ Feel deeply guided and supported as you master tools for nervous system regulation

‣ Embody a relationship of love, compassion and trust with yourself (and then bring this into your parenting and leadership roles)

‣ Get clear on the difference between what you want from life VS what would please others

‣ Live life fully; feeling comfortable, present and connected in your relationships

‣ Become proud and impressed by the freaking amazing woman that you are!


Lady love, I’m here to lead and remind you 


That no one knows what is most right for you, better than yourself 


So it is CRUCIAL that you learn how to tap into your gut feeling and intuitive sense


To begin trusting yourself, backing yourself


To start living from this wisdom that is within you


It’s time for you to discover that your body is not broken




You are enough exactly as you are


In fact..


The intense emotions that are rocking your world,


They are there communicating to YOU


Asking you to understand and allow MORE of YOU


And that when you do..


You can ignite self belief


You can become a confident decision maker


You can live a life that is rich with fun, pleasure and quality relationships

I'm Feeling This, GET ME INSIDE

Let me make one thing clear my love...


This program is not only about learning and becoming self aware

It is also about taking that awareness and implementing it into your life

Think about having the light shone on what is keeping you stuck in painful emotions AND being given the action steps to actually change it

You’ll be receiving educational content as well as implementation steps and supportive rituals

The Experience

7 modules overflowing with resources to achieve:


  1. Self Understanding (awareness to the exact parts of your inner world that produce states of overwhelm, fear and anxiety)
  2. Self Compassion (awareness that is free from shame, guilt and judgement)
  3. Self Empowerment (awareness that is implemented into your everyday life through practical steps forward) 


Over our 14 days together, we’ll cover:


‣ How to calm a busy mind and silence negative self talk

‣ The tweaks you need to make to your daily and weekly lifestyle

‣ Deep subconscious patterns and blind spots contributing to unhappiness

‣ The psychology of self sabotage

‣ Understanding the drivers behind every single behaviour and decision

‣ Accessing deeply restorative down time and sleep

‣ Replacing triggers with considered and intentional responses

‣ Powerful communication techniques for feeling understood and respected

How It Works

We begin Monday May 8th


7 Educational Lessons (available in both video and audio format)

7 Implementation Exercises (exact steps to take what you’re learning and put it into action)

7 Guided Practices (meditations, intuitive movement and dance, self connection)

One or more resources unlocked every single day for 14 days - access day 1 as soon as you sign up!



2 x LIVE coaching calls on zoom where you can bring your questions and be coached

(I have no future plan to run these calls again)


A private Facebook group for accountability and connecting with like hearted women

(I have no future plan to include this community again)


Lifetime access to all of the above resources for as long as the course exists.

Claim your spot here

Meet your coach 

I’m Gemma Hanley - Women’s Anxiety & Mindset Coach


I guide women to discover happiness, confidence and calm from within themselves 

My own 23 year journey of anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome was a gigantic part of my initiation into this work and why I am so passionate and skilled at what I do.

Rewind back to 2012 and I was blacking out from panic attacks, experiencing suicidal thoughts, and my body was hosting an enormous list of physical symptoms.  

By 2015, I could no longer work or cook myself a meal.  Sitting up in a wheelchair for 30 minutes was a good day.

The pain was too much - I was ready to pay myself loving attention.

I realised I was living life through a set of rules that meant I had to be perfect, please others and acquire status through work, money and material items.  That showing emotions or being vulnerable meant I was weak and unintelligent.

It became extremely clear this was not working out well for me!

Today I live life knowing that I am brilliant, capable, intelligent, beautiful and freaking amazing! I get to live life on my terms.

And it energises every cell in my body to lead other women just like you to do the same!!

The investment


Early Bird: AUD $349


Full price: AUD $399


I used to feel like things couldn’t get better for me 


That it would take too long and I’d left it too late 


That it felt too far away


And I know you’ve felt this too my love

Here’s the thing...


When you know how to go in and self understand, self sooth and self regulate


You become a very very powerful force in this world


Little by little, things begin to change and build


It places you in a space where you can step out of your comfort zone


You can go after your wildest desires


And yes, there may be dysregulation as you do, and you’ll know how to come back to yourself


You’ll know how to meet your needs in those moments of dysregulation and come back to calm

And that my love, allows you to create ANYTHING you want in your life!