$349.00 AUD

Responding to Overwhelm, Fear & Anxiety

14 days immersed in proven resources for calming intense emotions, relaxing your body, and finding happiness in your heart.

Responding to Overwhelm, Fear & Anxiety is for you if you want to:

  • Shift from unconsciously reacting (fight, flight, freeze) to consciously responding (calm, confident, certain)
  • Unsubscribe from the daily battle against yourself and your body
  • Let go of self judgement, shaming, abandoning and harsh self talk
  • Feel CONFIDENT in your ability to navigate painful emotions and trust your gut feeling
  • Uncover the actual patterns beneath surface level habits of “self sabotage”
  • Understand the perfect storm for overwhelm, fear & anxiety
  • Feel deeply guided and supported as you master tools for nervous system regulation
  • Embody a relationship of love, compassion and trust with yourself (and then bring this into your parenting and leadership roles)
  • Get clear on the difference between what you want from life VS what would please others
  • Live life fully; feeling comfortable, present and connected in your relationships
  • Become proud and impressed by the freaking amazing woman that you are!