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Thanks for being here, I’m so happy to be connecting with you! Here’s the story that underpins my work…

At 27 years old I found myself in an enormous health crisis at the peak of debilitating Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Fatigue.

My journey into this wasn’t short either!

To give you some insight into what that looked like for me; I was blacking out from panic attacks, experiencing suicidal thoughts, and really struggling to connect to the purpose for my existence. I was fatigued to the point of being housebound, and I needed a carer as well as a wheelchair once I was eventually able to leave the house.

At this time it became incredibly obvious to me that I could no longer ignore the messages my life and body were screaming at me. And so, my painful and beautifully rewarding lessons towards ‘better’ began.

What they told me

Through this process I engaged the opinions of at least 18 different medical and healthcare practitioners, yet none of them could provide me the answers or solutions I required. As I slowly became my own advocate, the loudest lesson I took away was that whilst prolonged experiences of dis-harmony in life are common (meaning lots of people have experiences of these problems), they are absolutely NOT normal.

Here's what I mean

Yes! It is common to hear the opinion; “lots of people experience insert-your-problem-here" or “this is just how it is”, or “you will have to learn to accept that”. However my suggestion is that whilst your problem might be common, prolonged experiences of feeling unworthy, anxious, empty, depressed, lost or exhausted are absolutely not normal.

This empowering difference is something I am extremely passionate about!

When we surround ourselves with something that is common (or when there’s repetition of something in our environment) those things can begin to feel normal - as if it’s just the way it’s meant to be and that there’s nothing I can do about it.

The flow on effect from this is that we can begin to equate common as being the same as normal - this is UNTRUE!

I whole heartedly believe

it is so important for every individual to understand that the ongoing normal expression for human beings is to be happy and connected to the life they live - so long as that is what they want and they are taking proactive steps to achieve it.

I also love to mention at this point, that yes it is also completely normal to have interruptions to that ongoing state, however prolonged and unintended interruptions are not normal.

When we give ourselves permission to know that common DOES NOT equate to normal, we also empower

ourselves to know that we can choose the reality we want.

Then the real question becomes; do I want my reality of life to be of low quality and struggle? Or, do I want a reality where I feel peace, happiness and connection?

And to be clear here - by no means am I saying that choosing a reality of peace, happiness and connection is the easy route! What I am saying is that it’s possible and every single one of us chooses to either continue or redesign our reality every single day. I would suggest neither reality is easy - but one is absolutely worth it!

This is exactly why I am passionate about teaching people to connect to themselves, become their deepest desires, and self express in a life they love.

Gemma, I can really tell that this is going to continue to be transformative for me. I have a new found confidence within myself. I am doing things that I would never thought I could do and I know I am going to keep on expanding. I feel worthy of living a life that I love and will continue healing and allowing myself to grow all the places I thought I never would!

- Jenna

I was at a point in my life where I was struggling with low self esteem, the lack of ability to appropriately express my feelings, debilitating insomnia and reduced energy. My anxiety levels were through the roof. Gemma showed compassion, enthusiasm and understanding. My confidence has grown exponentially. I've been able to approach situations more levelled head and have difficult conversations that I otherwise would have avoided. I now have a strong toolkit of strategies to support myself.

- Emily

My initial goal was to have someone help me with my everyday anxiety. What I found was so much more. I found Gemma to be extremely warm and relaxed. Gemma gave me the tools to clear my thoughts, process and release old emotions. Goals I once thought of as being unattainable and silly were starting to become part of my everyday life and routine. Most importantly I discovered self acceptance and love.

- Nicole

I wanted to let go of past trauma and to become more confident and certain in all areas of my life. Since working with Gemma, I now feel empowered as the driver of my future and I’ve shifted my mindset in such a positive way. I’ve let go of things that no longer serve me and become confident in knowing and owning what is right for me.

- Tamsyn

Thank you so much fo all your guidance, support and inspiration Gemma. I’m getting so much out of the sessions you’re offering - I guess I’ve received more helpful insights and tools from them than I have in 4 years of therapy. You’re brilliant and I’m very much looking forward to everything else you’re going to share with us

- Sarah

Hey Gemma, Just wanted to say thank you for everything and your continuous help! Yesterday’s session really gave me some clarity on my own outlook of myself and dealing with being overwhelmed. Can’t wait to use some of the tools you taught me yesterday!

- Izzy

Oh my goodness Gemma! Conversations over with and I started it by expressing my values and that they aren’t being currently met and then went on to explain what I wanted. Is this me? And I have now set the ball rolling! Agghh (in an excited voice)!!

- Nicola

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